My name is Christopher Scott; I hold a Master of Arts in Planning Built Environments with the highest grade of Distinction. My objective is to help small-scale and householder projects to navigate through the often complicated and frequently changing landscape of the UK planning system. I aim to provide an affordable but high-quality personal service to secure planning permission for domestic and small scale developments.

In my Master’s degree, I achieved the grade of Distinction through my ability to conduct diligent research and present compelling augments. These are often essential attributes for successfully securing planning permission. Much of my day is spent reviewing local/national planning policy/guidance and recent decisions/appeals which I can use to present cases for my client’s proposals more effectively.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

My planning services are backed up by Professional Indemnity Insurance to the sum of £300,000 provided by my insurance broker Howden UK Group Limited.

Securing Planning Permission For My Own Projects

I first became interested in the planning system back in 2014 through a necessity to obtain the required permissions for setting up my small caravan site called Horton Common. As the site is located in the Green Belt securing planning permission for the project to go forward did present many challenges, the project required several applications for engineering works, highway access along with a new road and hard standing pitches.

Horton Common Caravan Site

I was able to successfully negotiate the proposals with the local authority to secure the required permissions. Horton Common won a national award from the Camping and Caravanning Club for the Best Site of 2015 out of 2,400 small caravan sites. As you can see from reading the reviews, high-quality customer service is something I’m very proud to provide.

Building My Own Home

Another key project which developed my interest in planning was going through the process of building my own home. It was a significant ambition I’d had for many years, and the derelict cottage on my parent’s property provided me with that opportunity. However, the building had a previous planning condition restricting its use for purely storage purposes. Again, as the cottage is located in the Green Belt, there were challenging planning policies on a national and local level which needed to be addressed before permission could be secured.

I was able to present compelling arguments to secure planning permission for the cottage to be used as my dwelling and for refurbishments to be carried out, which included an extension.

These projects, in particular, fostered my interest in the planning system, as I became aware of the significant challenge securing planning permission can present. The practical experience I gained from the project has also provided me with additional insight into the implications of choosing certain materials and building details. I use this knowledge to assist in directing architectural designs for projects which will meet policy requirements and be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining project viability.

Renewable Energy Industry Background

My background before working on planning applications is over a decade spent in the renewable energy industry on biomass energy projects. I’ve provided equipment and expertise to many different universities and multinational organisations around the world. My work has been published in National magazines such as Farmers Weekly,  International publications and the UK governments Foresty Commission website. I also have a keen interest in solar and wind based renewable energy technologies.

Energy conservation and more efficient building techniques and technologies is another keen interest of mine. I got to put this knowledge into practice when I built my own home. I also use this knowledge to help to direct my clients towards more energy efficient designs/technologies. This can aid in making proposals more sustainable, and more likely to secure planning approval. You can learn more about my background in the renewable energy industry through my LinkedIn page.

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