What is an Article 4 Direction? – Permitted Development (PD) Rights

If you have read any of my previous posts on permitted development rights, you may have come across several references to the Article 4 Direction. With this post, I will discuss what an Article 4 Direction is and why it’s important. Under permitted development (PD) rights many dwellings can be modified and extended. However, it […]

Green Belt Very Special Circumstances – What can they be?

If your property is located within the Green Belt you may have a tough planning test to pass. To secure permission on householder and full planning applications it is sometimes necessary to demonstrate very special circumstances. The question is, “what are Green Belt very special circumstances?” When does a Proposal located in the Green Belt […]

What do you do if your Planning Application is Refused? – Top Tips

Being told by the local planning authority (LPA) that your planning application has been refused is very frustrating, especially if the planning process has been a long and protracted one. However, there are still usually several means to try and secure approval. One of the most important tips is to remain calm and to try […]

How does the Planning Application Process work? Step-by-Step

As a planning consultant, my role is to guide planning applications through the decision making the process. There are various stages involved. Therefore with this post, I thought I would provide an overview of the planning application process. There are a series of stages which need to be successfully navigated to secure permission for proposals […]

What’s the Difference between Incidental and Ancillary Use?

I’m going to guess that you have found this page by researching the permitted development rights for outbuildings. You may have learnt there are various restrictions on outbuildings. Such as how tall outbuildings can be, and that development must not exceed the 50% rule of the properties curtilage. However, there is a specific rule associated […]

What is Retrospective Planning Permission or Consent?

With most planning applications work has yet to start on the project. However, there are instances where work may have already started or been completed. If the works do not come under permitted development rights the local enforcement department may become aware of the works. This is where a retrospective planning application may be a […]

What is the Size of Your Original Dwelling?

If your looking to extend your home or replace your dwelling you may have come across the term ‘original dwelling‘. But what does it actually mean and why is it so important when it comes to trying to secure planning permission? Let’s start with the planning definition of the original dwelling: Why is the Original […]

Planning Permission Search Tips

Searching for the ‘One’ A little reference to the Matrix film there to start, but basically, that’s what this post is about. How to search to find that one particular planning permission you’re looking for. Well with this post I’m going to give some tips when using your local planning authorities website on how to […]