When do you need Planning Permission for a Loft Conversion?

There are lots of websites which provide very basic answers to whether you need planning permission for a loft conversion. With this post, I wanted to provide information on more specific examples about when and if you can complete a loft conversion under permitted development and when a planning application is required. If planning permission […]

What’s the Difference between Incidental and Ancillary Use?

I’m going to guess that you have found this page by researching the permitted development rights for outbuildings. You may have learnt there are various restrictions on outbuildings. Such as how tall outbuildings can be, and that development must not exceed the 50% rule of the properties curtilage. However, there is a specific rule associated […]

Do you need Planning Permission for a Dormer?

The fact that your reading this post probably means you understand what a dormer is. However, its best not to presume, so below I will briefly discuss what a dormer is and the reasons why you may want to install a dormer. Then later in the post, we will discuss whether you will require planning […]

Do I Need Planning Permission for my Garage?

When it comes to garages there are lots of different circumstances involved which dictate whether you need planning permission. For instance, you may have an existing garage which you wish to convert into additional living space. Alternatively, you may simply wish to construct a new garage on your property for your car or storage purposes. […]

Planning Permission Search Tips

Searching for the ‘One’ A little reference to the Matrix film there to start, but basically, that’s what this post is about. How to search to find that one particular planning permission you’re looking for. Well with this post I’m going to give some tips when using your local planning authorities website on how to […]

Do I need Planning Permission for a Garage Conversion?

The Attraction of a Garage Conversion Many people today are looking to generate extra living space for their home. Obviously, extensions are one possible option, however many also opt for garage conversions. Your integrated garage may be surplus to requirements. You may have a double garage and only need the space for one car. In […]

Do I need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?

Building a Conservatory Under Permitted Development Rights If you have been browsing other websites you are probably aware that in many circumstances you can construct a conservatory on your property under permitted development rights. This means you would not require planning permission, but there are various conditions that the conservatory needs to meet: No more […]

What is Your Properties Curtilage?

The ‘Basic’ Definition of Curtilage So let’s start off with the most basic understanding of your properties curtilage, that it is the area of land immediately around the property. It can include associated outbuildings but it is separate from any open fields beyond. When it comes to planning permission and permitted development rights, the determined […]

Planning History Review

What are the Benefits of Reviewing a Sites Planning History? Even if you’re not ready to submit a planning application for your proposals, a planning history review can be of value. Some of my clients just want to explore what type and scale of development could be possible. A site assessment and planning history review […]