How does the Planning Application Process work? Step-by-Step

As a planning consultant, my role is to guide planning applications through the decision making the process. There are various stages involved. Therefore with this post, I thought I would provide an overview of the planning application process. There are a series of stages which need to be successfully navigated to secure permission for proposals […]

Planning Permission Search Tips

Searching for the ‘One’ A little reference to the Matrix film there to start, but basically, that’s what this post is about. How to search to find that one particular planning permission you’re looking for. Well with this post I’m going to give some tips when using your local planning authorities website on how to […]

Outline Planning Applications

What is an Outline Planning Application? Essentially, an outline planning application is submitted to test if the local authority will accept the principle of development. Now recently this has got a bit more confusing as there is now a separate process for ‘Permission in Principle’. Permission in Principle is very similar to an outline application. […]