Do I need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?

Building a Conservatory Under Permitted Development Rights If you have been browsing other websites you are probably aware that in many circumstances you can construct a conservatory on your property under permitted development rights. This means you would not require planning permission, but there are various conditions that the conservatory needs to meet: No more […]

What is Your Properties Curtilage?

The ‘Basic’ Definition of Curtilage So let’s start off with the most basic understanding of your properties curtilage, that it is the area of land immediately around the property. It can include associated outbuildings but it is separate from any open fields beyond. When it comes to planning permission and permitted development rights, the determined […]

Planning Permission for Horse Stables in the Green Belt

The Challenges of Building Horse Stables in the Green Belt This is my final post on the various scenarios to secure planning permission to build horse stables. Previous posts have also looked at stables within a garden, or stables on agricultural land. With this post, we will discuss planning permission for horse stables in the […]

Do I need Planning Permission for Stables in My Garden?

Horse Stables, Planning Permission and Permitted Development Rights So, ‘Do I need Planning Permission for Stables in My Garden?’. This post is a follow on from a previous post, ‘Do you need Planning Permission for Horse Stables?‘. In this post, we are going to look at the scenario of placing stables specifically within your garden. […]

Do you need Planning Permission for Horse Stables?

Planning Permission and Horse Stables Keeping horses is a very popular hobby for many people. Therefore when it comes to building new stables and shelters for their horses the question is. “Do I need planning permission for horse stables?” As the stables are commonly made from wood, they may be presumed to be a temporary structure. […]

What are Permitted Development Rights?

Permitted Development Rights, what are they and does your property have them? You may be aware of the term Permitted Development Rights, or PD rights as they are also often referred to. However, you may be less clear on how these rights apply to your property and what you can develop under these rights. PD […]

Planning History Review

What are the Benefits of Reviewing a Sites Planning History? Even if you’re not ready to submit a planning application for your proposals, a planning history review can be of value. Some of my clients just want to explore what type and scale of development could be possible. A site assessment and planning history review […]